What is a Caller ID?
A caller ID is the number your leads see on their phone when they receive a callback from you.

What happens if you don't verify your Caller ID?
International clients are automatically assigned a Polish number (LiveCall is established in Poland) that is displayed to leads every time they request a callback via LiveCall on your website. Often times leads are confused with a foreign number calling them. Moreover, the lead's attempts to call this number back will be unsuccessful and that makes it more difficult for your leads to contact you again!

Verified Caller ID
On the other hand, when you verify your caller ID, the calls incoming to your lead will appear to be coming from your number. The leads will also be able to call you back!

Please note: Your consultants will still see the Polish number after you verify, but your customers will see your number on their phone screen

To verify your phone number go to: Settings >> Verified Caller IDs click on "Add caller ID" and follow further instructions.
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