How to track conversions in GA installed throught GTM?

By tracking LiveCall conversions in your Google Analytics account you'll be able to optimize your lead generation funnel and marketing spending. In this short guide I'll show you how to kick off.

As strange as it may sound, there is a difference how you have your GA installed. In this post I'll only deal with Universal Google Analytics code that is installed throught Google Tag Manager (GTM) on your website code. 

First things first


Go to Variables

Click Configure built in Variables, tick all checkboxes next to Clicks.

Add a new User-Definded Variable >> New >> type: Utilities >> Google Analytics Settings

Name it "GoogleAnalyticsId"

Setting up Triggers and Tags

Go to Triggers >> New >> "LiveCall CallInitiation"

Limit the triggers to Some Clicks and insert contains: livecall-callback-v1-button

Go to Tags >> Create >> "GA-LiveCall Call Initiation tag"

Note: When editing the tag you also need to select a trigger.

PUBLISH changes

Go to your LiveCall Settings and make sure that "Integrate with Google Analytics" option is disabled

To check whether your integrations works, submit a test call on your website and then go to your GA  and go to Real-Time section and select Events. You should be seeing something like this:

Conversion Tracking - setting up a goal
In most cases requesting a call-back and sharing phone number is treated as a conversion. For this reason we will use callInitiation event as a conversion.

Go to your GA >> Admin >> Goals >> Add New Goal
For Goal setup select "Custom"
For Goal descrptiption put your name ex. LiveCall initiation and select "Event"
For Goal details Category Equals to LiveCall and Action Equals to CallInitiation

This should look like this. Save.

Done. Congratulations!

Troubleshooting (no events in GA)

Make sure that you or your visitors had time to request callbacks on your website. No callbacks = no events = no conversions in GA
Check whether you've published changes in GTM
If you're using GTM to have GA on your website and you've done everything in accordance with the above article let us help you. Write to
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