To get you started with LiveCall here are the first steps you should take to implement the tool in your business. This checklist is drafted for the full version of LiveCall (not the freemium version).

Install the code on your website
Specific instructions on how to do this can be found in our other HelpDesk articles: (LiveCall installation on your website using a JavaScript code, Installing LiveCall on WordPress, Installing LiveCall using Google Tag Manager.

Add your users
All your consultants' numbers connected to LiveCall will need to be added with a username (and email - every user must be registered with a different email address).
You can also add users who will not be picking up calls but for other reasons may need access to the panel (e.g. for purposes of controlling the quality of your consultants' calls, consultants' response rate, or other performance control mechanisms).

Note 1: Check whether your users' numbers have voicemail. A connection from LiveCall that hits your consultant's voicemail will result with the voicemail dialing your client/lead. This can be remedied by ticking the "This number is a queue" checkbox, which will require the consultant to press 1 to connect to the customer (voicemail will not be capable of triggering a call then).

Note 2: Please make sure that the consultants have their working hours set up. When all consultants are out of office hours the widget will by default not display.

Create and customize the design of your widgets
This step is optional.
If you need more than one widget (e.g. different language versions or different text displayed to the visitor) you can create as many as you will like. More info about customizing widgets can be found in
Widget's Design - (very) basic settings,
Widget's Design - customize Appearance.

Target your preferred audience
Do you want the widget displayed only on specific pages in your domain? Or perhaphs you have different language versions of your website and want to match the widgets' language to them? What about a group of consultants that is competent to answer only specific questions (e.g. concerning a specific product).
In the Targeting section you can configure on which pages your widget should or shouldn't appear and which consultants should be answering calls coming from that site.

Verify your Caller ID
As LiveCall is a Polish company, before your Caller ID verification all LiveCall calls will present themselves
with a Polish number to you and your callers. If you want your own number to be displayed instead of the Polish one, follow instructions from our article Why should I verify my Caller ID?.

Check compliance of your product use with the GDPR
We highly recommend you familiarize yourself with our quick guide on the best practices for using LiveCall in reference to GDPR requirements: Using LiveCall in accordance with the GDPR.

For more customization, please contact the LiveCall team
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