In this article we'll show you how to integrate LiveCall with Landbot. The effect of the integration will be following: whenever Landbot generates a new lead, sales agent will immediately receive a phone call from LiveCall and will be able to call the lead instantly.

Start with adding custom Java Script block after the question about phone number:
Adding Java Script to phone form*

console.log('phone', '¿·@phone·?');
Landbot.send("submitCallback", "¿·@phone·?");

The ¿·@phone·? was inserted by Landbot builder once we've selected variable "phone"

Add LiveCall installation script before the closing </body> tag on your landing page.

Just after the installation script put following script:
  myLandbot.on('submitCallback', function(phoneNumber) {

Bang! You're finished.

Be sure that you select the default country code in LiveCall widget. In case of any questions write to us on
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