Launching a Facebook Lead Ads campaign is probably the easiest way to start generating leads when you do not have a lot of traffic on your main website. If you do everything correctly your CLP (Cost Per Lead) should be lower, compared to setting up a website or a traditional lead generation campaign. Learn how to this following the steps below:

Step 1
Prepare a couple types of ads for your business. Remember that the factor of beauty is not necessarily the most important. Your potential customers should be interested and/or see a value for themselves. Check out a blog post about good examples: 11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)

Step 2
Create the right audience and add select "Lead generation" in your Ads Manager as a type of campaign. Here is what to select (this may be different in the future, since Facebook makes changes quite often):

Remember to add a phone number field to the form. This will allow you to call potential customers and increase your chance of a purchase.

Step 3
Integrate your Facebook Lead Ads with LiveCall. This software automates the following-up process. You’ll be able to call back potential customers as short as 25 seconds.

Choose the User that will receive the calls from the lead form
In "Name" type something (like "Lead from Facebook") so your sales rep has context where the lead comes from - this fature is called The whisperer :)
Choose your language
For more datailed configuration contact us...

In sales every minute (or second) counts, so the quicker you contact the lead, the better chance you have to close the deal.

Once a visitor leaves his phone number, LiveCall makes a phone connection with one of your salespeople at this very second. The moment that a salesperson picks up, LiveCall calls the client. Thanks to the immediacy of the process, your lead can expect a follow-up in 25 seconds.
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