You can adjust the behaviour of the widget to your liking. By operating with the three elements of the widget: 1) the bubble, 2) the textbox, and 3) the pop-up, you can choose which of the elements you want to display and under which conditions. You can, for example, display these elements on load, after a certain time, not display them at all, or show them when the visitor intends to exit the website (when his cursor is headed towards the top of the page).

One of the recommended configurations is to display the widget with the text on load, and have the pop-up show upon exit intent (see below).
Widget behaviour

As you can see on the picture above, there are also advanced settings available for customising the function of the "x" button on the widget. If you click on advanced settings, you can choose to not have the "x" button at all (hidden), it can be used to close the text window (minimize widget) or to close the widget as a whole (on all pages or only on the current URL).
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