Launching a Facebook Lead Ads campaign is probably the easiest way to start generating leads when you do not have a lot of traffic on your main website. If you do everything correctly your CLP (Cost Per Lead) should be lower, compared to setting up a website or a traditional lead generation campaign. Learn how to this following the steps below:

Step 1
Prepare a couple types of ads for your business. Remember that the factor of beauty is not necessarily the most important. Your potential customers should be interested and/or see a value for themselves. Check out a blog post about good examples: 11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)

Step 2
Create the right audience and add select "Lead generation" in your Ads Manager as a type of campaign. Here is what to select (this may be different in the future, since Facebook makes changes quite often):

Remember to add a phone number field to the form. This will allow you to call potential customers and increase your chance of a purchase.

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